Cubface and Mama Grace

A 25weeker with a 10% chance – 10 years on

I’m Mama Grace, I do the typing. I’m a very proud Mum, carer, advocate, entourage and life enhancer for Ami-Grace Cubface.

Ami-Grace Cubface is ten years old, she loves buses and baths, wheels and walking. She was born at 25 weeks gestation weighing 800grams and suffered a brain bleed at a day old. As a result, she has multiple and severe disabilities, is non verbal, tube fed and multi-sensory impaired.

She smiles more than she frowns, has the longest eyelashes in the world and is as feisty as a Tiger Cub.

Please join us on our journey through Cub’s life. The past, the present and our hope & dreams for the future 💋🐯